We are an independent company working for the most demanding Clients

Our team consists of professionals with long-year experience in asset management, private banking and real estate.

We bring a depth of experience in investment business, real estate, law and taxes to drive lasting and measurable results. In order to meet our Clients’ needs we have developed a unique model of cooperation. This allows us to take all the necessary steps to always be at our Clients request and to meet their goals.



A number of monitored closed-end investment funds.


We provide investment projects in the following currencies: PLN, EUR, USD, CHF.


Over 200 investment projects analysed in 2018.


We collect information on investment projects from 59 different sources.


We focus on comprehensive Client support in the key areas of asset management. We put great emphasis on activities, which the Clients usually have to resolve on their own. We use our long-year experience and practical insight into various investment solutions to effectively coordinate investment, business, legal and tax processes as well as financial operations on a current basis.
Our role is to analyse, report and take specific actions requested by our Client. Our expertise goes far beyond the capabilities of even the most prestigious banks and financial institutions.

We search for and analyse investment opportunities available on domestic and foreign markets. We focus primarily on:

  • Real estate investments
  • Analyses of the offers of acquisitions of shares in business projects
  • Advising small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) on the form of financing
We support our Clients in every operation associated with the real estate investment in the following areas:

  • Coordinating sale/purchase transactions
    • residential estates
    • commercial estates
    • lands
  • Support in the property rental process
  • Home staging – rearranging and preparing the property for sale

Our Clients receive invitations to individual business projects. These projects may include venture capital investments for emerging companies, start-ups or private development projects.

We provide additional family office services, which translate into both cost and time savings.

  • Monitoring of various investments
  • Providing financial calculations and market statistics
  • Analysis of issued bonds and stocks
  • Collating of negotiable deposit offers
  • Support in the process of acquiring legal opinion
  • Support in the process of acquiring individual tax ruling
  • Support in succession (planning a succession procedure, drawing up the last will)


  • Legal and financial analysis, taking into account the effects of the Client’s business activity on his assets

  • Determining key areas of cooperation

  • Conclusion of the general agreement and start of the on-going service



We have practical, in-depth knowledge and experience, thus we are able to provide to our Clients only the verified and analysed information.

Wide range of services

Acting only for the Client, we gather the information about investment projects from all the sources available on the market.


We support our Clients in activities, which they usually have to deal with themselves. This translates directly into time-savings.

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